Achieving Excellence

Employee of the Month - April Abbi

Excellence can be defined in so many ways and, quite frankly, is one of my most favorite words. Most times, when folks ask me how I am, I regularly say either “excellent” or, better yet, “most excellent.” As we consider excellence for TES, Inc., excellence truly helps define what and how we strive to be every day. Taking pride in everything we do, making the best food, preparing the cleanest room, providing the best and most unique items in our retail shops, being a great team member, or assuring ours is the best baked good on the shelf no matter where it is displayed. 

In my most humble opinion, we knock the ball out of the park on every one of these things. But we do not want to get too comfortable and rest on our laurels. Being excellent, or the best, takes consistent focus and effort. The minute we let our guard down is the time when we may not be excellent. You may have heard me say that we should not always be looking for home run changes in the things we are and do, but rather seek to always and simply be just a little bit better than we were the day before. If we all come to work and think and act this way, then excellence will always be in our midst because we are always striving to be just a little bit better. 

For me, personally, it is so rewarding to be a member of this most excellent team because I truly believe each and every one of you want to be and strive to be part of a company that is well-known to be the absolute best at what we do – no matter if it is barbecue, clean hotel rooms, awesome breakfast, delectable from scratch smorgasbord, friendly smiling service, world famous chocolate pecan pie, exceptional best in class quilts, or the most unique gift items. Excellence is achieved right here at TES, Inc., because of you. 

Keep being excellent and thank you for all that you do every day to assure that WE remain excellent.

All the best, Tom