• Celebrate Easter with a Family-Style Feast or Fantastic Buffet

    Celebrate Easter with a Family-Style Feast or Fantastic Buffet

    (Bird-in-Hand, PA) This Easter, Smokehouse BBQ & Brews at Plain and Fancy Farm will bring back the tradition of family-style dining with a specially curated menu for Easter. They invite families and friends to indulge in a delightful all-you-can-eat family-style feast, perfect for creating cherished Easter memories. This iconic family-style Easter meal promises an abundance…

  • New Store at The Shoppes at Miller’s

    New Store at The Shoppes at Miller’s

    (Ronks, PA) For 95 years, Miller’s Smorgasbord has been on Lincoln Highway – even before the transcontinental Lincoln Highway became Route 30! Over time, the property has expanded from truck repair, gas station and restaurant to including various stores and, of course, Miller’s Bakery. The Shoppes at Miller’s is excited to announce a new store,…

  • FUN at work! Yes, FUN!

    FUN at work! Yes, FUN!

    What a great time of year to talk about my favorite company value, FUN!!!  As we find our way though the holiday season and all the fun events that we have planned such as Breakfast with Santa and our Employee Holiday Party, it’s easy to think about fun at work. But what about the other…

  • Integrity Makes You Feel Great!

    Integrity Makes You Feel Great!

    Let’s first define integrity: according to Websters, it is “the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles or ‘moral uprightness.’” When we define integrity in our values, we state “strive to do the right thing, even when it isn’t easy!”.  Integrity can mean so much more, though. When we discuss our Mission and…

  • The Power of Diversity

    The Power of Diversity

    The definition of our Thomas E. Strauss, Inc. value, Diversity, is to welcome ALL coworkers and guests regardless of real or perceived differences. As I consider this value and the way we have defined it, I think to myself frequently how wonderful it is to work with a group of humans that are a vibrantly…

  • Achieving Excellence

    Achieving Excellence

    Excellence can be defined in so many ways and, quite frankly, is one of my most favorite words. Most times, when folks ask me how I am, I regularly say either “excellent” or, better yet, “most excellent.” As we consider excellence for TES, Inc., excellence truly helps define what and how we strive to be…

  • The Value of Community

    The Value of Community

    Community is a Thomas E. Strauss, Inc. core value and, we, as a company, are intent on being a participative member of our greater Lancaster community. We continue to work to find ways to best support those around us. Our initiatives in the last year continue to have a meaningful impact.  We initiated a food…

  • The Strength of Mission & Values

    The Strength of Mission & Values

    Hard to believe that we are already more than a month into 2023 and time continues to clip along at an unbelievable pace. It was good to spend a bit of time with you at our recent all-employee meetings, and I am hopeful that each of you found some value in them. As we move…