The Value of Community

Donation to Lancaster County Food Hub by TES

Community is a Thomas E. Strauss, Inc. core value and, we, as a company, are intent on being a participative member of our greater Lancaster community. We continue to work to find ways to best support those around us. Our initiatives in the last year continue to have a meaningful impact. 

We initiated a food and funding drive for the Lancaster Food Hub. We were able to donate nearly 1,000 pounds of food product collected from our associates and guests. We, also, have ongoing efforts in our retail businesses to collect funds. These jars at our cash registers have raised nearly $2,000 since we started. 

We, also, participate annually in the Lancaster Restaurant Week event that raises funds for the Farmland Trust whose mission is to protect Lancaster’s Farmland in perpetuity. TES, Inc. has been recognized two years running as the top fundraiser, raising nearly $10,000 total. 

We also care about others in our industry. We offered our industry colleagues from Hershey Farm Restaurant bridge employment while that business seeks to rebuild. I am so pleased that TES, Inc. was able to open our doors and welcome our hospitality colleagues with open arms – creating a welcoming, open environment for those in potentially uncertain times. 

And lastly, I will share that we have a group of colleagues that are working with high school students at Pequea Valley High School, mentoring our community’s youth to help them better realize great futures for themselves. My personal thanks to Jill, Tabetha, Peter and Susan for engaging so intently to help the next generation find their own way. 

I share these things because I am exceptionally proud of all of you who have helped us be so deeply engaged in our community in ways that benefit so many. I, also, encourage each of you to help us find other ways to help our community. 

If you have an idea on other ways for us to support our community, please share it with our Community Involvement Committee so they can consider it for action. 

Thank you all for all you do every day, 

All the best, Tom